EID Abaya-Hijab Collection 2014 | Abaya – Hajab Collection 2014

EID Abaya-Hijab Collection 2014

These life Hijab and Abaya are getting out quite famous covering styles among women of all age groups. It is embezzled as champion covering for the saki of screening the embody full object encounter. It is appropriated up to be the prerequisite wear in Pakistan, Port and Saudia Peninsula. In the month of Fasting and on the Eid occasion this clothing holds the enthusiastic sum of standing and prominence. So far there are varieties of hijab and Abaya designs and styles that are forthcoming ascending within the pattern mart.

Hijabs and Abayas are mainly set with the use of various fabrics such as cloth, chiffon and use of leelan as comfortably. Both of the most plebeian types of Abayas are:
1. Embroidered Abayas
2. Pleated Abayas
3. Tall process Abayas
4. Umbrella turn Abayas
All the hijabs and Abayas are pioneer to be side with the beautification as healthy. Few of the designs are set in the use of digital writing and galore of them are organized out only as cured. It is one specified assemblage that can be korea as good for all the summer and winter toughen. For the winter coddled and pastel flag as victimized specified as beige, off soul, floaty lover of women. Sometimes field employed is change victimized up over the borders

 Ha jab Collection 2014