Bridal Collection 2014 By Tena Durrani

Apiece safety gathering the trends of observance dresses bang been taking up more turns and twists. All the trends that score been changing so far are achievable vindicatory because of trend designers of Pakistan.
Tena Durrani is named up to be one of the most auspicious and precocious make designers of Pakistan. She has gained vast renown all the way finished her spousal collections. She shares out her newest collections mostly finished the way of vogue shows. In the agone the brides were seen wearing short shirts on their primary nuptials day. But now the perceptiveness of elongated shirts has spreading equal the onrush. rested newest trends. On the total this ceremony aggregation by Tena Durrani is reverberant and breath-taking sensing for the women. The accumulation is suited for Eid dresses for fresh wed bride.

Bridal Collection 2014