Wedding Album/Pictures of Shehzad Sheikh And Hina Mir

As you screw that 'Javed Swayer' is well-known activity honor of Pakistan and everyone knows him really recovered. He is one of the legendary actors of Pakistan. And his son Shehzad Ruler is one of the famous and novel encounter in Pakistan episode manufacture (Receiver Manufacture).
Shehzad Ruler is concern to Pakistan TV Stress because he is a son of Javed Shaikh and Zenat Mangi. Healed, Javed Ruler's son Shehzad Swayer got wedded with Hina Mir. Today we are effort to get with you belief blood gathering pictures of Shehzad Swayer Nuptials. Umteen famous Pakistani receiver stars solicited in this nuptials event. The wedding observance was held on 28th December, 2012.