Latest Stylish Designs Sonoor Laasya Jewelry Collection 2014-15 For Ladies

Earrings and Maang Tika (forepaw made) at the end of golden studded with rubies, boxy oxide stones and shaman slow. Prisha spousal set includes the necklace, earrings,Haath Phool and Maang Tika in finalizing metallic healthiness without studded Kundan Pachi and twin horse attendant Laasya incorporates neckband around your cervix,

joint, ornaments furthermoreMaang Tika (manus) exclusive redness studded gold, boxlike oxide ending, champagne and glum stones. Wedding Jewellery Prisha incorporates keep for the cervix, rings,Maang Tika and Haath Phool in finalizing auspicious shine without studded Kundan Pachi and greenness.