Michael Kors Ladies Outlet Stylish Handbag Collection 2015

Michael Kors is the name of talented and successor fashion designer who was born and raised in New York, United State. His date of birth is 9th August 1959 and now his is almost 55 years old. His father is Karl Anderson and mother Joan Kors that is formal model. His mother remarried with Bill Kors when Michael was only five years old. He had much interest in designing from his childhood and got fashion designing education from Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. Firstly, he designed his mom’ dress and from his teen age he started to see his creations out of his family. Gradually, he gets a place in the fashion industry and become a successor fashion designer. Now, he is not only dress designer instead of he launched, handbags, shoes, cosmetics and other fashion accessories. In this article, I am going to share ladies handbags that are designed with latest and stunning styles. Dazzling and vibrant all types of lovely colors you will find in this collection. Have a great glance our elite and imposing ladies handbags assortment that is really able to appreciate and admire.